Who am I?

I am Susi B, an ordinary person who loves life and the world we live in.
I am exploring creativity, innovative expression and learning, learning, how to draw & paint.
I am studying online for a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts and Visual Culture) and if I continue at this rate - 1 Unit per Study Period - it will take me 6years to complete.
I am married to a Sculptor artist man and am eternally great-full to him for encouraging me to explore my creativity.
I am fortunate to have lots of friends and I love every one of them.
I am happy to be in Love with life and I believe in promoting Love and the philosophy that Love works and that in each and every one of us there is a power that is capable of creating every desire beyond our wildest dreams, if we let it...

Welcome to my world, feel free to tell me a little about yours :o)