Friday, February 11, 2011

Next Units: VSW14 Painting: Material and Conceptual Investigation & WEB101 Web Communications

These are my next 2 Units for SP1  

VSW14 Painting: Material and Conceptual Investigation   

In this unit you will undertake a number of projects within the visual art specialisation of Painting. This unit encourages you to align conceptual development with the acquisition of traditional and contemporary skills across a range of media utilised in Painting. There are set projects based on the theme Time and Space to assist in the development of your understanding of contemporary art practices. The emphasis is on the exploration of ideas and creative visual inquiry. You will develop research methodologies and documentation skills through your study in this unit.

WEB101 Web Communications

The internet has dramatically changed the way people and organisations communicate, whether for better or worse. For many, online communication is now one of their most significant forms of interaction with others. Online communication also underpins collaboration between people, either in formal groups or loose networks. Online communication is now a key part of the media. Understanding how the internet affords us new and different ways of communicating is, therefore, essential. This unit will enable you to become an effective and sophisticated user of the internet, able to deploy its techniques, technologies and underlying concepts for online communication, collaboration and media.

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